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One of our path-altering numbers known only as Forge.


Raks Incendia Domhnulla D & Kat Marscelle – Concept & Interpretation

“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.” -Mata Hari
Explore the dramatic and soulful side of Tribal Fusion with Raks Incendia’s Domhnulla D
and Kat Marscelle. Learn the importance of feeling the music and finding the words within the poem of the song with your body. Throw all notions of counting out the window and focus only on the Three P’s: Dancing with passion, purpose and most importantly…personality!
“Our plan is to drill some combinations and moves, then put them together into a short
choreography. We will dance to a selection of music with different emotional themes and
show you how to manifest different reactions and feelings to convey even the most subtle
elements within a song…It should be a lot of fun and we so look forward to seeing you all!” – Domh and Kat
2007 was the year Kat Marscelle and Domhnulla D first met.  They were both dancing with The Dancers of the Rising Phoenix–a troupe geared toward the traditional–and one fateful day Kat accidentally hit Domh on the bum with her asaya,  to which Domh squealed, “Ooh!  Do it again!”  It was in that moment they realized they were destined for friendship.  Later that same year, they discussed the idea of working on a song together–just one song–something that would suit their decidedly un -traditional and very Tribal tastes. Today Domh and Kat continue their shared efforts to charm and discover new facets of the Fusion side to Tribal…with a distinct flavour of the theatrical that draws deeply from the wells of soul and emotion.

Listening to Voltaire on a Monday morning…

I don’t know how frequently we will be able to update this thing…but here it goes…

I can’t speak for Kat, but my weekend was spent catching up on some reading and resting my sprained ankle.  Yes, sprained ankle.

The funny part is that it is not even remotely a dance-related injury.  All the drops and kicks and bending and twisting…nope, it happened during a rowdy bout of cardio kickboxing.  I guess I was a little too enthusiastic with the jumping and the punching…I have aggression that needs to get worked out sometimes.  Heh.  ;-p

It’s common enough:  an inversion sprain.  That’s where the ankle rolls outward and stretches and or tears the ligaments.  It has been a little over a week, and although I still have some swelling and certain movements let me know in no uncertain terms that I should not move that way…I am more or less okay.  I have to test it of course, to see if it will affect dropping.  Lucky for me I don’t have to drop again for a while yet.

So, while I convalesce…I will continue to catch up on reading, work on my belly rolls and of course, my glute shimmies…Strength-training and gentle stretching will be a part of my recovery as well.  To steal a friend’s phrasing, “I have a trick ankle”, and so it does get messed up from time to time.  ::shrugs::

For Raks Incendia, we are still deciding on which direction to go with the creation of a new number for this year to go along with Heavy…which, of course, I can’t tell you anything about because it would spoil the surprise!  😀  Also, there is the small part where we actually don’t know ourselves, lol.

We are in the beginning stages of working on our comedy piece for April Fool’s…we have a song and we have costumes…just need the choreography…

I hope everyone is well, and Kat and I welcome feedback or topic suggestions for this new blog.



Sure fire weiners…er, winners

Happy Friday, everyone!

Oiled up and covered in glitter…I really can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night, can you?  That was the sum of our Friday night last week when we kicked off our dance season in Grand Rapids, MI.  Many thanks to The Mayne Studio family and Na’imah for the hospitality and support.

As Kitty mentioned, we had a breakthrough that was astonishing and I can’t tell you how excited we are for our future prans!  Muwaahaaahaaaa!!!

I thought something that Kat and I could do every so often is share tips and tricks or products that we have discovered in the costuming process, without giving away too many of our absolutely secretey-est secrets, of course.  ::moustachio twirls::

So—here are a few of recent tidbits we have encountered:

  1. Kat discovered that Maybelline Falsies mascara is teh awesomes…I ran out and bought some the next day, LOL
  2. Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner is my favorite hair product.  Ever.
  3. Make sure the sprinkle top is secure before you sprinkle glitter on your dance partner.  ‘Nuff said.

So, what is currently in the works is the plotting…er, planning of a new number to go along with Heavy for the rest of this year…Also, we need to create something for some—wait for it—WORKSHOPS!!!  In May we will be teaching a workshop at Detroit Raqs ( and in June we will be teaching a workshop at the Mayne Studio (, so we are geeked about both of those things!

Oh!  We are also working on a comedy piece for the annual April Fool’s Hafla hosted by the fabulous Bohème Tribal ( … THAT will be a sight to behold.  ::cackles::

I hope everyone is well, healthy and happy…Spring is just around the corner!  See you all very soon! 

Much love,

Domh D

PS:  Photo done by Wendie V. “Heavy” by Raks Incendia

Photo by Wendie V.

Epiphany with a side of tater tots, please.

We were guest performers at the Mayne Studio hafla in Grand Rapids last night. Firstly, it was awesome to perform again, ugh. We hibernate during winter months because of the distance we usually have to drive for shows and the crappy weather/road conditions, so we haven’t performed since like…October! *gasp*die* It was also fabulous to see our friends we’ve been missing since the “season” ended as well. ❤

We debuted our new numbers, Terrible Things and Heavy.  Terrible Things being Vaudvilley and cheeky, it was a fun one, but not ZOMGLOVEDIE. When we finished, it was like “cool, lets get ready for Heavy *squee*” and life went on, lol. But Heavy…life stood still…for us, not speaking for anyone watching it of course 😛   It was dark, sad and haunting…and we relished every second of that song, every movement and facial expression. When it was over, we were drained. The ride over to The Mitchells (our gracious hosts) we were quiet and unusually mellow. I thought about that, then turned to Domh and said “You notice how we’re all super tired and mellow after Heavy…but not so much after Terrible Things?”

This was the epiphany. We pour so much of ourselves, our energy, our emotion into performing “concept” pieces, that it physically drains us. That’s effing awesome. This is what we love doing. This is Raks Incendia. We got such an overwhelming response to Heavy after the show when we came out to mingle. Words like: breathtaking, inspirational, astonishing and one “omg, I almost cried!”.  Not one person commented on Terrible Things, not a complaint at all, just a wonderful realization. The audience notices the passion we put into our darker “interpretation” numbers too. A noticeable difference. So why do anything else? We probably won’t anymore.

We’ve always thought it was funny that people thought of us as dark and creepy when we’re such…well, such big dorks. Neither of us are even Goth, psh! With dark and creepy really only making up about half of our repertoire, it never made sense. But, even my son once, while discussing Halloween costumes said “Well you would know, you’re all dark and creepy.” with fingers waving in a voodoo-like hand gesture, lol. Whaaa? since when?!  It’s what people remember the most, it’s what they like the best (from us). Our concept/interpretation pieces…which for some reason are usually darker. You dark, creepy weirdos! So…that’s what we’ll give you! Wee!

New Raks Incendia! Now darker than ever, with Kung-fu grip!

Also, we didn’t actually have any tater tots on this trip. Sorry :S


Kicking off the new year…Raks Incendia-style

Good morning, lovelies.

Well, Kat and I thought we wouldn’t be starting our dance season until May this year…so although we still met at the studio to work–leisurely–on material and some technique-related things…we backed waaay off on the heavy work that usually goes into our babies.

We came up with the plan to alternate mid-week on Wednesdays at each other’s houses…where we would, in theory, maybe do Yoga or other exercise (to be honest, I think we really only did Yoga once)…mostly, we ended up using the time to cook dinner, watch movies and just have friend time.  It was quite awesome, actually.

So, a big surprise came our way recently…and I mean 3 weeks ago…to make participate in a Winter Hafla put on by our very beloved friends from the Mayne Studio in Grand Rapids, MI.  (shameless plug!)

We had been, as I mentioned before…leisurely been working on a new piece, so we figured we would finish choreographing that and be good to go….another surprise came when I checked our e-mail and saw that two numbers were desired….Ack!

Thankfully, we always have something simmering on the backburner, even if it’s just a song or a concept…so it took all of five minutes to figure out what our next song would be.

These last few weeks of cramming and laaate practices has been very illuminating.  I cannot express how excited I am to be starting our season so early and especially in a place that we kind of see as a home away from home with our wonderful friends…you know who you are  🙂

But as I was saying…very illuminating.  We have made some discoveries and taken some risks and I really believe the end result is going to change everything for us and what goals we wish to attain.

I will tell you something, though.  I could not…would not…do any of this without my besty Kat on the stage right beside me. 

So, my pretties…we are debuting two brand-new numbers this Friday in Grand Rapids at the Latvian Hall.  For more information, please see: 

Thank you guys so much for the support and the love we have received in the last couple of years…we appreciate you more than words can say.