Kicking off the new year…Raks Incendia-style

Good morning, lovelies.

Well, Kat and I thought we wouldn’t be starting our dance season until May this year…so although we still met at the studio to work–leisurely–on material and some technique-related things…we backed waaay off on the heavy work that usually goes into our babies.

We came up with the plan to alternate mid-week on Wednesdays at each other’s houses…where we would, in theory, maybe do Yoga or other exercise (to be honest, I think we really only did Yoga once)…mostly, we ended up using the time to cook dinner, watch movies and just have friend time.  It was quite awesome, actually.

So, a big surprise came our way recently…and I mean 3 weeks ago…to make participate in a Winter Hafla put on by our very beloved friends from the Mayne Studio in Grand Rapids, MI.  (shameless plug!)

We had been, as I mentioned before…leisurely been working on a new piece, so we figured we would finish choreographing that and be good to go….another surprise came when I checked our e-mail and saw that two numbers were desired….Ack!

Thankfully, we always have something simmering on the backburner, even if it’s just a song or a concept…so it took all of five minutes to figure out what our next song would be.

These last few weeks of cramming and laaate practices has been very illuminating.  I cannot express how excited I am to be starting our season so early and especially in a place that we kind of see as a home away from home with our wonderful friends…you know who you are  🙂

But as I was saying…very illuminating.  We have made some discoveries and taken some risks and I really believe the end result is going to change everything for us and what goals we wish to attain.

I will tell you something, though.  I could not…would not…do any of this without my besty Kat on the stage right beside me. 

So, my pretties…we are debuting two brand-new numbers this Friday in Grand Rapids at the Latvian Hall.  For more information, please see: 

Thank you guys so much for the support and the love we have received in the last couple of years…we appreciate you more than words can say.



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