Epiphany with a side of tater tots, please.

We were guest performers at the Mayne Studio hafla in Grand Rapids last night. Firstly, it was awesome to perform again, ugh. We hibernate during winter months because of the distance we usually have to drive for shows and the crappy weather/road conditions, so we haven’t performed since like…October! *gasp*die* It was also fabulous to see our friends we’ve been missing since the “season” ended as well. ❤

We debuted our new numbers, Terrible Things and Heavy.  Terrible Things being Vaudvilley and cheeky, it was a fun one, but not ZOMGLOVEDIE. When we finished, it was like “cool, lets get ready for Heavy *squee*” and life went on, lol. But Heavy…life stood still…for us, not speaking for anyone watching it of course 😛   It was dark, sad and haunting…and we relished every second of that song, every movement and facial expression. When it was over, we were drained. The ride over to The Mitchells (our gracious hosts) we were quiet and unusually mellow. I thought about that, then turned to Domh and said “You notice how we’re all super tired and mellow after Heavy…but not so much after Terrible Things?”

This was the epiphany. We pour so much of ourselves, our energy, our emotion into performing “concept” pieces, that it physically drains us. That’s effing awesome. This is what we love doing. This is Raks Incendia. We got such an overwhelming response to Heavy after the show when we came out to mingle. Words like: breathtaking, inspirational, astonishing and one “omg, I almost cried!”.  Not one person commented on Terrible Things, not a complaint at all, just a wonderful realization. The audience notices the passion we put into our darker “interpretation” numbers too. A noticeable difference. So why do anything else? We probably won’t anymore.

We’ve always thought it was funny that people thought of us as dark and creepy when we’re such…well, such big dorks. Neither of us are even Goth, psh! With dark and creepy really only making up about half of our repertoire, it never made sense. But, even my son once, while discussing Halloween costumes said “Well you would know, you’re all dark and creepy.” with fingers waving in a voodoo-like hand gesture, lol. Whaaa? since when?!  It’s what people remember the most, it’s what they like the best (from us). Our concept/interpretation pieces…which for some reason are usually darker. You dark, creepy weirdos! So…that’s what we’ll give you! Wee!

New Raks Incendia! Now darker than ever, with Kung-fu grip!

Also, we didn’t actually have any tater tots on this trip. Sorry :S


One comment on “Epiphany with a side of tater tots, please.

  1. Next trip we shall have tots and bacoms. ❤ Domh


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