Sure fire weiners…er, winners

Happy Friday, everyone!

Oiled up and covered in glitter…I really can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night, can you?  That was the sum of our Friday night last week when we kicked off our dance season in Grand Rapids, MI.  Many thanks to The Mayne Studio family and Na’imah for the hospitality and support.

As Kitty mentioned, we had a breakthrough that was astonishing and I can’t tell you how excited we are for our future prans!  Muwaahaaahaaaa!!!

I thought something that Kat and I could do every so often is share tips and tricks or products that we have discovered in the costuming process, without giving away too many of our absolutely secretey-est secrets, of course.  ::moustachio twirls::

So—here are a few of recent tidbits we have encountered:

  1. Kat discovered that Maybelline Falsies mascara is teh awesomes…I ran out and bought some the next day, LOL
  2. Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner is my favorite hair product.  Ever.
  3. Make sure the sprinkle top is secure before you sprinkle glitter on your dance partner.  ‘Nuff said.

So, what is currently in the works is the plotting…er, planning of a new number to go along with Heavy for the rest of this year…Also, we need to create something for some—wait for it—WORKSHOPS!!!  In May we will be teaching a workshop at Detroit Raqs ( and in June we will be teaching a workshop at the Mayne Studio (, so we are geeked about both of those things!

Oh!  We are also working on a comedy piece for the annual April Fool’s Hafla hosted by the fabulous Bohème Tribal ( … THAT will be a sight to behold.  ::cackles::

I hope everyone is well, healthy and happy…Spring is just around the corner!  See you all very soon! 

Much love,

Domh D

PS:  Photo done by Wendie V. “Heavy” by Raks Incendia

Photo by Wendie V.

One comment on “Sure fire weiners…er, winners

  1. …and just so you know, we are NOT that tan.


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