Listening to Voltaire on a Monday morning…

I don’t know how frequently we will be able to update this thing…but here it goes…

I can’t speak for Kat, but my weekend was spent catching up on some reading and resting my sprained ankle.  Yes, sprained ankle.

The funny part is that it is not even remotely a dance-related injury.  All the drops and kicks and bending and twisting…nope, it happened during a rowdy bout of cardio kickboxing.  I guess I was a little too enthusiastic with the jumping and the punching…I have aggression that needs to get worked out sometimes.  Heh.  ;-p

It’s common enough:  an inversion sprain.  That’s where the ankle rolls outward and stretches and or tears the ligaments.  It has been a little over a week, and although I still have some swelling and certain movements let me know in no uncertain terms that I should not move that way…I am more or less okay.  I have to test it of course, to see if it will affect dropping.  Lucky for me I don’t have to drop again for a while yet.

So, while I convalesce…I will continue to catch up on reading, work on my belly rolls and of course, my glute shimmies…Strength-training and gentle stretching will be a part of my recovery as well.  To steal a friend’s phrasing, “I have a trick ankle”, and so it does get messed up from time to time.  ::shrugs::

For Raks Incendia, we are still deciding on which direction to go with the creation of a new number for this year to go along with Heavy…which, of course, I can’t tell you anything about because it would spoil the surprise!  😀  Also, there is the small part where we actually don’t know ourselves, lol.

We are in the beginning stages of working on our comedy piece for April Fool’s…we have a song and we have costumes…just need the choreography…

I hope everyone is well, and Kat and I welcome feedback or topic suggestions for this new blog.



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