Detroit Raqs Workshop

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One of our path-altering numbers known only as Forge.


Raks Incendia Domhnulla D & Kat Marscelle – Concept & Interpretation

“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.” -Mata Hari
Explore the dramatic and soulful side of Tribal Fusion with Raks Incendia’s Domhnulla D
and Kat Marscelle. Learn the importance of feeling the music and finding the words within the poem of the song with your body. Throw all notions of counting out the window and focus only on the Three P’s: Dancing with passion, purpose and most importantly…personality!
“Our plan is to drill some combinations and moves, then put them together into a short
choreography. We will dance to a selection of music with different emotional themes and
show you how to manifest different reactions and feelings to convey even the most subtle
elements within a song…It should be a lot of fun and we so look forward to seeing you all!” – Domh and Kat
2007 was the year Kat Marscelle and Domhnulla D first met.  They were both dancing with The Dancers of the Rising Phoenix–a troupe geared toward the traditional–and one fateful day Kat accidentally hit Domh on the bum with her asaya,  to which Domh squealed, “Ooh!  Do it again!”  It was in that moment they realized they were destined for friendship.  Later that same year, they discussed the idea of working on a song together–just one song–something that would suit their decidedly un -traditional and very Tribal tastes. Today Domh and Kat continue their shared efforts to charm and discover new facets of the Fusion side to Tribal…with a distinct flavour of the theatrical that draws deeply from the wells of soul and emotion.

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