April’s Fool


So, this past weekend we participated in Boheme’s Second Annual April Fool’s Hafla. We got to hang with a bunch of our friends, like our hosts Boheme Tribal, and members of the Lunatic Vagabonds and Unveiled Ann Arbor. There was a decent turnout and fun was had by all.

Also a thank you goes out to Jenny and Masika for taking us to the back room and leading us back out as part of our prank–couldn’t have done it without you!

So, now I can share what we did. Last year we had talked about doing a “Cabaret Makeover”, because–as you know–that is the polar opposite of our dance appearance and style. We didn’t have enough time or resources to pull it off last year, so we put it on the backburner until now.

So, what happened was Sarah (of Boheme Tribal fame and our gracious hostess) staged a drawing and then “drew” our names to win a belly dance makeover…we played dumb, of course…then were led away to get our prize. I think she filled the audience in then: meaning, she told them another story about how it was actually a prank on US. So we put on our sparkly, bright blue cabaret dresses (thank you, Na’imah, for the loans!) I–Domh–put on a long blonde wig…red lipstick, gold glitter…it was, as Kat says, tragic. So then we were blindfolded and brought back out where we were revealed, pretended to have a hissy fit, then a drum solo song began.

First, parts of Kat’s body started to move with the music of its own volition…and after I stopped rocking on the floor, I stood up and the same began to happen to me. To make a long story short, we called a halt to it, then decided, “You know what? Let’s OWN this sh*t!” Then we came back and finished the song in true Cabaret fashion and flare.

It was a lot of fun, and of course this number did not come without its share of struggles–do you know how hard it is to choreograph a cabaret piece when you have done fusion for the last 4 years? Yeah, we figured that out quickly…

All in all, we had a great time in spite of a flu bug and tragic costumes…

The company certainly helped A LOT at making the evening so much fun. We love you guys!

Now, after I take a brief vacation to the Pacific Northwest, we will polish up our workshop and performance piece for Detroit Raqs! http://www.detroitraqs.com

We hope everyone is well, and be careful during this Mercury Retrograde we’re in!