It’s the final countdown…!!! Nananaaa….nanana-na-na-na!

In…5 days we will be performing at Detroit Raqs 2011. 6 days will bring us to our first large-scale workshop.

It is an honor to be a part of this convention, and we are grateful for the opportunity given us by Lana Mini of Detroit Bellydance and Mia of Unveiled Ann Arbor and The Lunatic Vagabonds.

We have not gone without our share of snags along the way. Illness has been a big part of it, for both of us respectively.

I am confident that we will certainly be ready to rak and roll by this weekend. We will just be very, very stressed this week with last minute adjustments and practices before the coming weekend.

That said, we are so looking forward to seeing all of our friends in the dance community!

…make sure you register for workshops if you haven’t already…and get your ticket for Saturday night’s show! See you soon!

Domh & Kat

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