Awake my soul

What a beautiful weekend.

We hit some rain on the way down, but it lifted to just overcast skies by the time we arrived on Saturday afternoon.

I took a great makeup workshop with Richard Harper of Unveiled Ann Arbor, who is always so genuine and wonderful to be around.

The show was a smash!  Everyone really brought their best and left it all out on the stage.  The energy backstage was heady and I absorbed it like a greedy sponge.

My burlesque cherry was also popped by none other than Miss Hayley Jane of Detroit.  She is so adorable and sexy and awesome and I wouldn’t have wanted to “lose it” to anyone else!  😉

The Vagabonds and Unveiled and Boheme and Lana (and Stacy Shaver!!!)…all our belly dance family away from our own home lair.  I have so much love and respect for you all.  And thank you (again!) for the support you have given us these last three years…your encouragement and feedback and advice has been a blessing.  (And of course the impropriety and endless sexual innuendos…life wouldn’t be the same, lol)

Probably the best remarks we heard after our performance were that it was “epic” (our inner nerds squeed all over that one!) and that our musicality was spot-on.  Musicality is a huuuuuuge part of our…our…process, I guess I could say.  So that comment meant a lot.

We went out to eat with Kat’s big bro and his lovely lady afterwards and had a lot of laughs and ended up staying out until 2am…oops.  I think we each only got about 3-4 hours of sleep.  Again, I say oops.  🙂  Totally worth it, because I had fun!

Our workshop went pretty well, too.  We had four people, all of whom are very talented, and it ended up being a much more social setting.  We received great feedback from all of them, and that’s all we could really ask for.  So thank you ladies!

So, as I sit here in a smirking daze…still riding the buzz of goodwill shared by everyone at Detroit Raqs…I am thankful and grateful for everything and everyone in my life.  I didn’t really get much sleep last night after I got home, either…so I have had a total of about…9 hours of sleep in the last two days.  And once more with feeling…OOPS! 

As I said, though…totally and utterly worth it.



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