Shake it like a pom-pom

Friday Night Live…

This will be Raks Incendia’s third year of participation.  It wasn’t even until yesterday we were even sure about doing it at all.

We just worry that the general, daylight-walking public won’t necessarily understand shiny, wet dancers covered in glitter…

This long time off from performing has been both beneficial and somewhat detrimental.

It will be wonderful, however, to slide into the familiar trappings of hipscarves, festooned bras and dirty metal bracelets…*gazes dreamily off into space*


So, this Friday, July 29th near the corner of Union and Front Street–we will be there.  Just watch for children running away in terror and you have probably happened upon our location.

We will be in the company of the Crystal Bindi Studio crew…the Jewel Jigglers.  Our former troupe Dancers of the Rising Phoenix will be there as well.  So, come on out and enjoy downtown Traverse City!

Oh, and…next week on Thursday (August 4th) is Kat’s birthday!  We shall celebrate with tattoos at our favorite ink shop:  Collective Ink.

Just your friendly, neighborhood…oh, who are we kidding? ;-)

Hello darlings,

Time to share some products we lurve:

-Urban Decay face primer & eyelid primer (used to have incredibly awkward tube, but now is much more efficient!)

-Christian Dior lipgloss – “Black Tie Plum”

-TIGI “Bedhead” Sculpting Liquid


So, there is a small update…October 28th is Boheme’s Ooky Spooky Halloween Showcase, with a special guest artist…The one and only Tempest!

We are honored to participate in this event…it’s going to be awesome.

Tempest is teaching workshops that weekend, which WE are most certainly taking…so you should check out: for more information and all that fabulous stuff.

We are still whittling away on some new material, and re-vamping (literally) some older stuff that we really think didn’t get enough exposure last year.  Interpret that any way you wish…perberts!  *gasp in outrage*

Have a great week and stay cool in this crazy, humid weather we’re having!


Domh & Kat

Summer time…when the living is…weird

Hey everyone!

It’s been a couple of months, so I just thought I would post a brief update on what’s new and exciting in Raks Incendia-land.


Well, there you have it!

For the first time in two years, there’s really not a whole lot going on for us this summer…at least right now.  Last year we were away almost every weekend at different events, but June and July this year?  Not so much.

I think it has to do with the fact that the usual events just aren’t happening this year like they were last year, and…we’ve made some decisions about what and where we will and/or won’t perform.

It has presented us with the opportunity to work on new projects without the added pressure of an impending show…so that has been really nice.  It has also us more to spend with our families and just be.

For myself, I can say that on one hand I am incredibly depressed that I am not out on the road dancing and getting to see all of our awesome friends in Michigan and other places.  On the other hand, it has been a bit of a blessing…because of what’s going on in my private world.

One of my closest friends is getting married July 23rd and I am the M.O.H…I am also making the wedding dress.  This particular friend, Ivy, lives in Portland, so I am handling a lot of details in her absence…namely the dress, but also the flowers.  I also have an actual day job that requires my attention five days a week from 8-5, martial arts training…oh, and college which I attend online. 

That said, it looks like the end of this month will see some activity for Raks Incendia.  There are a couple of local events we will probably attend, and I was recently contacted by someone who wants us to come downstate for an event as well.  October will be the big one, though…*cackles*

We are working on a few new concepts for October,  but of course we will be able to perform them at other times in the year.  They just have to be ready by October.  🙂

I also believe there is talk of a workshop with some new Raks Incendia-style choreo created just for you guys…so stay tuned for those details…

In the interim until we are invading a town near you, feel free to e-mail us or leave comments with any questions or particular (peculiar ones are good, too) remarks…we would love to hear from you!


Domh D