Just your friendly, neighborhood…oh, who are we kidding? ;-)

Hello darlings,

Time to share some products we lurve:

-Urban Decay face primer & eyelid primer (used to have incredibly awkward tube, but now is much more efficient!)

-Christian Dior lipgloss – “Black Tie Plum”

-TIGI “Bedhead” Sculpting Liquid


So, there is a small update…October 28th is Boheme’s Ooky Spooky Halloween Showcase, with a special guest artist…The one and only Tempest!

We are honored to participate in this event…it’s going to be awesome.

Tempest is teaching workshops that weekend, which WE are most certainly taking…so you should check out:  www.bohemetribal.com/tempest for more information and all that fabulous stuff.

We are still whittling away on some new material, and re-vamping (literally) some older stuff that we really think didn’t get enough exposure last year.  Interpret that any way you wish…perberts!  *gasp in outrage*

Have a great week and stay cool in this crazy, humid weather we’re having!


Domh & Kat

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