Shake it like a pom-pom

Friday Night Live…

This will be Raks Incendia’s third year of participation.  It wasn’t even until yesterday we were even sure about doing it at all.

We just worry that the general, daylight-walking public won’t necessarily understand shiny, wet dancers covered in glitter…

This long time off from performing has been both beneficial and somewhat detrimental.

It will be wonderful, however, to slide into the familiar trappings of hipscarves, festooned bras and dirty metal bracelets…*gazes dreamily off into space*


So, this Friday, July 29th near the corner of Union and Front Street–we will be there.  Just watch for children running away in terror and you have probably happened upon our location.

We will be in the company of the Crystal Bindi Studio crew…the Jewel Jigglers.  Our former troupe Dancers of the Rising Phoenix will be there as well.  So, come on out and enjoy downtown Traverse City!

Oh, and…next week on Thursday (August 4th) is Kat’s birthday!  We shall celebrate with tattoos at our favorite ink shop:  Collective Ink.

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