Rolling in on a burning…

So, I’m sitting here on a Friday afternoon…the sky is growing ominous as a storm approaches.

The power of the wind reminds me of the scene from “Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy is trying to make her way to the fruit cellar underground…I had a similar experience, only I was trying to get into my office. Fruit cellar, office? Same thing some days…oh, snap!

I’m thinking about Carnival Mayhem and how we know so very little about the event, only that we are performing two numbers: our beloved “Heavy” and a new one called simply “Meddle”. And this event is in Midland.

I–we–don’t know what to expect. So, it should be interesting.

On another note, we are getting psyched about October…three weekends are completely taken up!

…soon we shall have more news on a magickal, mystery weekend in December…so please stay tuned for that. 🙂

Meddle is giving us some trouble, because it’s a style of music that we really have not worked with before. Challenge? Indeed. I know we can do it. Challenge accepted.

Where was I going with this…oh, just some semi-recent photos (about a month old) that were taken by a Miss Annie Hoff at Friday Night Live on July 29th.

Photo by A. Hoff




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