At long last, Halloween

So, last weekend we found ourselves at the annual Flint Vampire Ball in the company of our lovely friends, The Lunatic Vagabonds and Boheme.

What an awesome night!  We had so much fun….even though we were tired to a comical degree:  Sitting in the “artist lounge” after the sets in a fugue state on the sofa.

We drank half a gallon of water each, no lie, and after a short period of time we wondered, “Where did it GO?”  Apparently, we were more dehydrated than we thought.  Yikes.

Voltaire was present again this year–*sighs dreamily, batting eyelashes*–as well as Hellblinki and This Way To The Egress.

We performed our new, slightly naughty, number “Dirt” and our 2011 baby, “Heavy”.  The performances took place on the dance floor, as opposed to the stage…so flopping around on a chair mere feet from the audience was a little…strange.  But, I think it went well!

We haven’t performed at a downstate event since May, so it was more of a “family reunion” than anything else!  😀

Soooooo awesome to be with our dance family again!  *glow*


In other news…the family will be reunited once again THIS weekend at Boheme’s Ooky Spooky show in Kalamazoo!  This year, they are hosting the reknowned artist Tempest and she has graciously agreed to teach not one, but three workshops!  Kat and I will be soaking up the new information like nerdy, little sponges…

The show is going to be awesome with  several artists performing which includes…Boheme, Lunatic Vagabonds, Sabrina, Na’imah, Servitor Sanctum 7…and, of course, Tempest!  There will also be vendors with shiny, pretty things…

We will be performing Dirt, Heavy AND our freshly-minted piece Meddle.

Looking forward to a weekend of laughter, shenanagans and ed-yoo-muh-cayshun WITH a side of extra awesome-sauce.  😉

If you haven’t signed up for a Tempest workshop yet, or bought a ticket for the show….DO IT NOW:

Much lubs,

❤ Domh 

Hey guess what!

We are being hosted by the lovely Leilah of Lansing, MI this December 3rd for two workshops and a showcase show.

So, I realize that there are tons of people out there who haven’t seen us live and aren’t really sure what it is that we DO.

Despite our allergy to posting videos, I figured it’s pretty safe at this point to post Heavy, as we have performed it in public several times this year already.


I will update this with some other things to help paint a picture of us for you, too.

Until then…


Okay, on a more serious note…sit down, dearie, I’ll make some tea.

Something has come up recently and it has made me really think about several things.

We are, truly, still a fledgling duo in the grand scheme of things–what we create and bring to the stage is a labour of love and takes a lot out of us emotionally and physically, really.  So, you can imagine how upset we would be if someone were to “borrow” a concept or choreography of ours…

Kat and I have ended up having this conversation with some of our friends in the dance community and how the old saying “mimicry is the sincerest form of admiration” (or something like that)…but we say HELL NO!

People mimic the greats like Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes and Sharon Kihara (I’m leaving many out here) ALL THE TIME…usually though it’s in the sense of fashion, or using a signature “move” at some point during a performance.  It happens, and sometimes we end up utilizing something we saw once and forgot where it came from.  IT HAPPENS.

There really is nothing 100% original anymore.  We all derive our influences from something, someone or somewhere else.  But there is a difference between that and consciously and willfully “borrowing” or “stealing”.

I digress.

Suffice it to say that there is a very good reason we don’t post public videos of any new stuff until we have performed it several places first…and even then it’s iffy. 


Very recently this has expanded into wider circles, since we have gotten so covert and sneaky when we work on something new…paranoid?  Yup!

It’s just incredibly frustrating to have something special…something you nurture and become known for…only to have it pwned by someone else.  Yes, I said pwned!

Bottom line…if you are worried that something you are about to do will possibly cause an issue elsewhere?  There’s a reason for that.

The best I can hope for is the gift of self-awareness for those that are in denial and not socially conditioned to understand that cheating and stealing are wrong, especially from people they know.

I never know how to end these types of serious things…


❤ Domh