Hey guess what!

We are being hosted by the lovely Leilah of Lansing, MI this December 3rd for two workshops and a showcase show.

So, I realize that there are tons of people out there who haven’t seen us live and aren’t really sure what it is that we DO.

Despite our allergy to posting videos, I figured it’s pretty safe at this point to post Heavy, as we have performed it in public several times this year already.


I will update this with some other things to help paint a picture of us for you, too.

Until then…


One comment on “Hey guess what!

  1. Va Va Doom says:

    Excellent! Thanks for posting a video. I’ve seen your name on performer lists and workshops but wasn’t really ever able to find anything much about you guys. Love your style, a nice gritty style compared to the lot of the local scene here.


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