What’s cooking?

Hey kiddos!

Just wanted to give an update as to what’s we’ve got in store for the very lovely month of October!

First up:

Boheme’s Annual Ooky Spooky Weekend!

October 6-7th, Boheme will be hosting a variety of artists–ourselves included–for a weekend of workshops and an awesome show the evening of the 6th.  Click the link above for more details.  We’re teaching a snippet of choreo from our latest piece called “Raks Insidious” 😉


Belly Dance Grand Rapids presents “Tales from the Sultan’s Tent” – http://bellydancegrandrapids.com/liveshowoct1113.html

Please clickety-click the link for more info…and for our participation it is still TBA, but definitely check out the event, because it is sure to be AWESOME!!!

And then…:

Flint’s Annual Vampire Ball:  http://vertigotheatrics.com/themed-events/2011-vampire-ball/

Alongside members of our delightfully disturbed belly dance fambly…we shall be participating in the dancing and nibbling (on food and people alike) at this annual event…should be a great time, as it has been for the last two years of our participation 🙂


So, that’s about all for the moment…big plans for the future, is all I can tell you right meow!