Heavy…and other topics

Good morning!

Welp, it’s onward and upward for us.  We’ve got several ideas cooking in our shared brain, and are ending our 2012 season with our latest piece, “Raks Insidious”.  We’re really happy with how it turned out and the reception, so far, has been warm 🙂

Also, as the sun sets, we have decided to shelf our baby, “Heavy”, for the foreseeable future.  After a two-year run, it’s more than time and boy what a run it has had!

This past weekend, we were with our Grand Rapids branch of the dance fambly–Sarah Mayne of Belly Dance Grand Rapids and Na’imah of…well, Na’imah!  🙂  And we performed “Heavy” for the last time.  The closure was nice.

It’s been a while since we’ve danced in Grand Rapids and it was wonderful!  It’s always great to see familiar faces and become familiar with new ones.  Everyone’s energy was wonderful and it is always such a heart-filling experience to be surrounded by those good vibes 🙂

Our last event this year is The Annual Flint Vampire Ball, please go to our Calendar link and click on the event for more information.

Also, take note that–tentatively-but-pretty-darn-sure–March 9, 2013 we’ll be hosting our own event for the very first time!  Our debut will be featuring none other than Na’imah who will be teaching a Bollywood workshop, and then in the evening we’ll have a showcase or hafla-style show that workshop participants will be able to perform in.  Na’imah has been a very important person in our dance life from very early on and continues to be so, so it’s only fitting that she is our first special guest artist up here in Traverse City.  ❤

If all goes well, this could very well turn into an annual event!

Happy hump day and stay tuned for more news coming up soon 🙂


Us with a Na’imah photobomb in 2009 🙂

Turn that frown upside down, Sunshine!

It would appear that a common misconception in the Tribal world is that you’re not allowed to smile when you dance…although, trailblazing goddess that she is, Rachel Brice shows time and again that laughing in the midst of a performance is completely okay and, in my opinion, awesome!  Of course, if you’re performing a serious piece, as Kat and I frequently do, it might be a little off to grin like a fool when you’re supposed to be a drowned Indian bride…but then again, that might freak people out, which is always fun!  😉

…I digress…again…

So often I will find myself as an audience member and a dancer will come out in a great costume, cool music and well-executed movements…except for one thing:  never once do they give any indication in their faces that they are actually enjoying themselves.  A fact which baffles me, because belly dance is the greatest thing ever!  An unemotional face can RUIN an entire piece…

You gotta love what you’re doing out there.  If you don’t, everyone can see it plainly  written on your mug.  😦

So, remember…it’s okay to laugh and smile during your performance (if the theme caters to it, that is–if it doesn’t, still express the emotions of the music and the piece…not looking sad when you should can be a bad thing, too!).  The audience will be more engaged with you if the love and passion you feel for your craft is shining out from your eyes as you power through that spectacular choreography…

Show me dem sweeeet emoshunz 😉