Happy New Year

Good day, lovelies–

We just wanted to wish everyone a safe (but fun!) and happy New Year’s.

2012 was great…thanks to all of you guys that brought love and enrichment to it.  We very much look forward to the big things coming in 2013 and sharing it with everyone in our ever-expanding dance family!


Big love and hugs all around,

Domh & Kat


So far we’ve only had two people fill this out.  I know it’s the holidays, so when you get back in the swing of things, will you please take a moment to fill this out?


We need this feedback to help in our planning for the 2013 season.

Thank you bunches!  Mwah!

❤ Domh

PS – Stacy, I know it was YOU that said we should do something sassy for the showcase…you can’t hide from me!  😉 ❤


Do this!!!

We’re planning early for our workshop at Detroit Raqs 2013 and we need YOUR help!  Please take this short survey, so we can get a clearer idea of what we should plan to teach this coming May.

Thank you bunches!

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Domh & Kat

Classical Fusion Showcase in Lansing this Weekend!

As our last performance of the year, I can’t think of a better place to do it than Lansing. Lansing was the scene of our first big workshop and show hosted by The Real Tribal Kitty and Leilah of Karma Belly Dance…both of which are featured links on this page: https://raksincendia.com/links-to-things-and-people-we-love/

The theme is Classical Fusion…what is that?

Answer:  No clue, but it’s left to our interpretation…Heh.

So, what’s our plan?  I’m glad you asked.  For our latest creation, we drew inspiration from the incomparable Skirt Mistress, Kelly Holder.  We took a workshop with her back in October that obliterated our fear of dancing with a skirt.  It was fabulous and we knew  instantly that our next piece had to be skirt-related.

This piece is not what we usually bring to the dinner table.  It’s different for us.  It’s not moody or dark.

For those of you that will see its debut this weekend…we hope you like it!



In other news…BIG plans for March 9, 2013….SAVE THE DATE, or we will come to your house and drag you to Traverse City for this!  😉

There will be Bollywood and there will be a showcase.  And you will all be there.

Mad promotions will begin in earnest come January….stay tuned for the Facebook page and updates to the Events page on this very site.

So much love–!!!