Summer loving…er, plans…

Good morning!

Just wanted to say thanks to our wonderful group that turned out for our workshop at Detroit Raqs–inability to form words and excessive penis references aside–we seem to forget how much we enjoy teaching workshops and then get hit with a wonderful reminder like we had on the 19th.

Just a few things in the works…

We’ll be attending Tribal Revolution June 20-23,, and taking several workshops to expand our horizons.  It’s always amazing to observe ourselves after a convention like that because we’re overflowing with inspiration and new knowledge–ready to crank out a whole bunch of new material.

We’re also revisiting the idea of having some pieces that are more General Audience appropriate, so we can bust something out for last minute occasions where we’ll have to dance in *gasp* daylight or perform for an audience that may not “get” us like our Fambly does.  Know what I mean, Vern?

On the menu as well is the plan to do monthly workshops locally.  They will cover the basics of Tribal Fusion, with maybe a little sample of something weirder, just to keep ourselves entertained–hee!  Also, due to a sudden opening in Domh’s schedule, we are now free to roam about the country and come to visit YOU!

So, please contact us for workshops or other endeavors–we would love to increase our involvement in the dance community and–bonus!–spend more time with our Fambly.

It’s a gorgeous day today, please get outside if you can!


Domh & Kat

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