About Raks Incendia



2007 was the year Kat Marscelle and Domhnulla D first met. They were both dancing with The Dancers of the Rising Phoenix–a troupe geared toward the traditional–and one fateful day Kat accidentally hit Domh on the bum with her asaya,to which Domh squealed, “Ooh! Do it again!” It was in that moment they realized they were destined for friendship. Later that same year, they discussed the idea of working on a song together–just one song–something that would suit their decidedly un -traditional and very Tribal tastes…

January 09, 2008, the collaboration began…and in just a few short months, Raks Incendia was born. Only one song, right? The two quickly realized that Fate had other plans…

The present day shows the evolutionary process laboriously at work as Domh and Kat continue their shared efforts to charm and discover new facets of the Fusion side to Tribal…with a distinct flavour of the theatrical that draws deeply from the wells of soul and emotion.

When they are not scheming and plotting a universal takeover, Domh and Kat are just two besties who enjoy a healthy obsession for Bollywood movies, facial hair (don’t…ask), road trips, and completing each others’ sentences.

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