Domhnulla D

dom p

Cropped and edited by Domh from the original by Carrie Meyer of The Dancer’s Eye

Domhnulla Duvessa (Domh D) happened upon belly dance in early 2006 when a new friend dragged her to a class.

Needless to say, she was glitter-bombed and drank ALL of the kool-aid, because she hasn’t looked back since.

Under the guidance of her first belly dance teacher, Amira Hamzar, Domh was a member of Dancers of the Rising Phoenix. She was introduced to choreography and given a well-rounded knowledge base which ranged from Egyptian, Turkish, Saiidi, Bollywood, and more. Most importantly, Domh found her true heart’s passion…Fusion.

Since beginning her journey in 2006, Domh has had the privilege of learning from such artists as Amaya, Kami Liddle, Onça O’Leary, Sharon Kihara, Amel Tafsout, Rachel Brice, Amy Sigil of Unmata, Samantha Riggs, Ariellah, Tempest, Donna Mejia, Elizabeth Strong, Zoe Jakes, April Rose, Rose Harden, Ruby Beh, Jasmin Jahal, Mardi Love, and Michelle Sorensen…with many more to come. Her Michigan–and surrounding states–dance “Fambly” members are also a huge source of inspiration (we are too numerous to list and I would inevitably leave someone out and suffer horrid guilt!).

To the duo, Domh brings a background in music, classical forms of dance, theatre, and makeup artistry–she also handles most correspondence and administrative tasks like social media, website management, and event planning. Detail-oriented doesn’t even begin to cover it…

When not dipped in baby oil and rolled in glitter, Domh is a writer, a Spartan athlete, singer, and a mama to two gorgeous felines, one very precocious and loving Border Collie, and a staffy that loves napping and wearing tutus. No, really.

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