Kat Marscelle

Original photo by Carrie Meyer of The Dancer's Eye (cropped and edited by Domh for this page)

Original photo by Carrie Meyer of The Dancer’s Eye (cropped and edited by Domh for this page)

Belly dance struck Kat Marscelle like a brick to the head…she wasn’t ready! Belly dancing was something she always thought would be fun–someday, perhaps when she was a dainty size 6–but, one wintry afternoon in January of 2007, she drove past the local studio and happened to see the owner outside in all her “goddess-sized glory”, dressed in a choli and brightly-colored hip scarves. Inspired, Kat inquired within and the obsession began.

She started in traditional oriental and shortly thereafter, being a quick study, Kat migrated to the student troupe. By that summer, she was welcomed into the studio’s main troupe, Dancer’s of the Rising Phoenix, where, under the direction of Amira Hamzar, she began to learn the language of choreography, as well as various styles of belly dance, such as Saiidi, Turkish, and Tunisian…but it wasn’t long before Kat realized her true love was Tribal and Fusion.

Since starting belly dance, Kat has had the privilege of learning from Kami Liddle, Amaya, Rachel Brice, Onça O’Leary, Amel Tafsout, Sharon Kihara, Amy Sigil, Samantha Riggs, Ariellah, Tempest, Elizabeth Strong, Donna Mejia, April Rose, Rose Harden, Ruby Beh, Mardie Love, and Michelle Sorensen, with more in the future.

Kat brings a background in visual art to the duo, as well as ever-evolving skills in digital music editing and composition, which she utilizes for the creation of new material for Raks Incendia. As an artist, the unique way in which Kat sees the world has lent itself beautifully in the collaborative creation of costuming, theme design, and choreography for the duo.

Kat does the commercial art for Raks Incendia: creating logos, advertisements, and attire (hoodies, tees, etc).  Kat shares a Bus House with her family of humans and animals alike…She also has a mysterious fondness for handlebar moustaches, buffalo, and bubble pipes…don’t ask.

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