Okay, now the real fun begins!

Good morning, lovelies.

This whole putting an event together business has been quite the learning experience.  *chuckles*

While we in no way procrastinated on this baby, we still could have started the planning even further back than we did–which boggles the mind, because I (Domh) worried we were starting too early!  Not so much.

A few key items:

  • Early pricing is over, it’s gone up slightly now to $40/workshop or $70/both.
  • The venue is at a school, so it is a family-appropriate show–no nekkideness or cursing–some of the school staff may be present for this event!
  • Tickets are on sale now, $15 in advance or $18 at the door.
  • We will be selling raffle tickets ($1/ticket, $5 for 6, etc) with several fun prizes donated from a few local businesses and artisans, as well as dear friends and family.
  • There may be a silent auction for a few art pieces and some other items, but that is still TBA.
  • Showcase participants must be registered for at least one workshop or make a donation for the raffle or silent auction.

We are super excited about this…getting everyone up to Traverse City for a change, and of course having the incomparable Na’imah here to teach us awesome things.  ‘Cause you know we’re not-so-in-the-closet Bollywood geeks!

As always, if you have questions about anything, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at raksincendia@gmail.com.


Domh &  Kat

Happy New Year

Good day, lovelies–

We just wanted to wish everyone a safe (but fun!) and happy New Year’s.

2012 was great…thanks to all of you guys that brought love and enrichment to it.  We very much look forward to the big things coming in 2013 and sharing it with everyone in our ever-expanding dance family!


Big love and hugs all around,

Domh & Kat


So far we’ve only had two people fill this out.  I know it’s the holidays, so when you get back in the swing of things, will you please take a moment to fill this out?


We need this feedback to help in our planning for the 2013 season.

Thank you bunches!  Mwah!

❤ Domh

PS – Stacy, I know it was YOU that said we should do something sassy for the showcase…you can’t hide from me!  😉 ❤


Playing catch-up…*gallops like a horse*…why? I don’t know…

Wow, talk about absent!

So, I guess first I should go back to 2011—particularly back to December.

Thank you to our lovely friends, Stacy of The Original Tribal Kitty and Leilah of awesome-sauce Lansing belly dance rak-stardom, who teamed up and hosted Kat and me for a workshop and showcase.

The workshop was FULL!  Which is fantastic…even better, we were able to make it through the entire choreography in just two hours!  Everyone did really well and as we ran through the piece a few times at the end, it looked amazing.

I guess the long and the short of it is…we want to say a big THANK YOU to our dance family members that came and participated, showed their support, and shared their artistry in the showcase.  Thank you also to those new people that came.  It is always a cool experience meeting these different faces and getting to share experiences with you.  We came to teach, but, it’s always an opportunity for us to learn as well—maybe a different method of explaining something, or realizing that a small detail we don’t even think about, like what our feet are doing during a particular transition, is something that another person wants to know…all so valuable to me, and I know that I will file these snippets away and take them with me going forward as I interact with more people.


The New Year brings all sorts of goodies.

Our first activities were a small gathering in Detroit, hosted by Abida Blaze of Blazing Bellydance, for Burners Without Borders.  It’s always on our minds to expand our horizons and meet new people in the dance community…or communities, as it were.  Everyone was very gracious and it was an illuminating experience.  Our new flavor seemed to be well-received amongst the unfamiliar crowd.

The following day, Kat and I froze our—as a co-worker of mine says—“bunnies” off when we took a detour on the way to Ann Arbor and did a short photo shoot in the iced-over Belle Isle swampy forest…WORTH the torture-by-biting-wind-and-falling-in-icy-water we endured.  Kat’s brother Jeff is an astounding photographer.

The Ann Arbor evening was spent with our Unveilies, Lunatic and Bohemian family members…not enough of the evening, as we had to run out before the show was over…but even just a few minutes is plenty to lift the soul.  🙂

As is everything in our journey, our performance in Ann Arbor was another learning experience.

We performed a new piece called “Werewolf”.  Sounds like typical Raks Incendia fare, right?  Not so much.  It was—intentionally—softer than what we usual present.  And—in our opinion—it sucked.  Here is why:  the concept was not well-developed enough; we lost interest in it about halfway through the song, but we had already spent over a month working on it, so we couldn’t justify scrapping it; we didn’t practice it hard enough.  It was sloppy.

One of our beloved family members cared enough to be honest about it, too.  You know who you are, and thank you so much!  You have no idea how much it means for us to have your honesty.  Mad respect, for you!  Mad respect.  🙂

So, tail between our legs, we headed home…But hark?  What is this song on the iPod?  *cackles*  That’s for us to know and for you to see sometime later this year…


April Fool’s!

Best yet!  Everyone really did an awesome job, completely and totally.  The venue was perfect, the audience was alive and active, and our family really brought the A-game!  The impersonations…I bow down.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  That is all.


So, now what?

Welp, the next order of business is Tribal Revolution in June.  We were drawn from the hat to perform in the Friday night show, and we thought it best to bring Heavy back for this performance.  It’s a new audience and, to be honest, we still love performing that number so much that there was really no argument against it.

So, as we focus on developing our new concept (squee!), we will also focus on conditioning and continuing on the path to peak health.

Thank you again to everyone for being so delicious and wonderful and lovely.  *humps all around*


At long last, Halloween

So, last weekend we found ourselves at the annual Flint Vampire Ball in the company of our lovely friends, The Lunatic Vagabonds and Boheme.

What an awesome night!  We had so much fun….even though we were tired to a comical degree:  Sitting in the “artist lounge” after the sets in a fugue state on the sofa.

We drank half a gallon of water each, no lie, and after a short period of time we wondered, “Where did it GO?”  Apparently, we were more dehydrated than we thought.  Yikes.

Voltaire was present again this year–*sighs dreamily, batting eyelashes*–as well as Hellblinki and This Way To The Egress.

We performed our new, slightly naughty, number “Dirt” and our 2011 baby, “Heavy”.  The performances took place on the dance floor, as opposed to the stage…so flopping around on a chair mere feet from the audience was a little…strange.  But, I think it went well!

We haven’t performed at a downstate event since May, so it was more of a “family reunion” than anything else!  😀

Soooooo awesome to be with our dance family again!  *glow*


In other news…the family will be reunited once again THIS weekend at Boheme’s Ooky Spooky show in Kalamazoo!  This year, they are hosting the reknowned artist Tempest and she has graciously agreed to teach not one, but three workshops!  Kat and I will be soaking up the new information like nerdy, little sponges…

The show is going to be awesome with  several artists performing which includes…Boheme, Lunatic Vagabonds, Sabrina, Na’imah, Servitor Sanctum 7…and, of course, Tempest!  There will also be vendors with shiny, pretty things…

We will be performing Dirt, Heavy AND our freshly-minted piece Meddle.

Looking forward to a weekend of laughter, shenanagans and ed-yoo-muh-cayshun WITH a side of extra awesome-sauce.  😉

If you haven’t signed up for a Tempest workshop yet, or bought a ticket for the show….DO IT NOW:  www.bohemetribal.com/tempest

Much lubs,

❤ Domh 

Hey guess what!

We are being hosted by the lovely Leilah of Lansing, MI this December 3rd for two workshops and a showcase show.

So, I realize that there are tons of people out there who haven’t seen us live and aren’t really sure what it is that we DO.

Despite our allergy to posting videos, I figured it’s pretty safe at this point to post Heavy, as we have performed it in public several times this year already.


I will update this with some other things to help paint a picture of us for you, too.

Until then…


Rolling in on a burning…

So, I’m sitting here on a Friday afternoon…the sky is growing ominous as a storm approaches.

The power of the wind reminds me of the scene from “Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy is trying to make her way to the fruit cellar underground…I had a similar experience, only I was trying to get into my office. Fruit cellar, office? Same thing some days…oh, snap!

I’m thinking about Carnival Mayhem and how we know so very little about the event, only that we are performing two numbers: our beloved “Heavy” and a new one called simply “Meddle”. And this event is in Midland.

I–we–don’t know what to expect. So, it should be interesting.

On another note, we are getting psyched about October…three weekends are completely taken up!

…soon we shall have more news on a magickal, mystery weekend in December…so please stay tuned for that. 🙂

Meddle is giving us some trouble, because it’s a style of music that we really have not worked with before. Challenge? Indeed. I know we can do it. Challenge accepted.

Where was I going with this…oh, just some semi-recent photos (about a month old) that were taken by a Miss Annie Hoff at Friday Night Live on July 29th.

Photo by A. Hoff